Eric Schmidt Interview: Google is ‘Unlikely’ to buy Twitter

In this interview with Eric Schmidt, Charlie Rose asks the Google CEO a range of questions, from the origins of Google’s advertising model, to the monetization of YouTube, to whether the search giant would consider buying Twitter. The interviewer turned to the concept of the digital divide, and the role technology companies have played to … Read more

A Blog Post a Day

It wasn’t easy but he did it.  Here’s a shout out to a fellow blogger, Mike Volpe, for sticking with his pledge to write a blog post a day for February.   From his Marketing with Mike blog, here are my three favorite posts from his one-month string of posts just completed: 3 Big Mistakes … Read more

How Twitter’s Spectacular Growth is Fueled by Unexpected Uses

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams spoke at a recent TED conference about the founding of what has become today’s most exciting social networking tool. Williams, who was also involved in the founding of Blogger, describes how Twitter arose as a side project at start-up company Odeo. What struck me is how much of Twitter’s current functionality … Read more

Skittles Viral Campaign Holds a Mirror to Twitter

Skittles, a candy produced by Mars Incorporated, created a bit of an online uproar on March 1 when they made a dead simple, yet effective change to their web home page, Instead of a rainbow-colored product site as one would expect, users saw a Twitter feed for the search term Skittles.  The page was … Read more

Meaningless Statistics Went Up 2% Last Week

“Meaningless statistics went up 2% last week.” Thanks to John Favalo, Managing Partner at the B2B Group of Eric Mower and Associates, for referencing this smirk-evoking quote at a recent conference. I unfortunately missed where it came from and haven’t been able to find the original source. Isn’t it interesting how numbers can add perceived … Read more

Strategy vs. Tactics

I’d like to thank Paul Sherman, Principal at Sherman Group User Experience for the following analogy.  It came up in a recent session at Online Marketing Summit ’09 and presented a glaringly simple way of looking at how strategy and tactics relate to one another. Here goes: Strategy: Go from the San Diego Airport to … Read more