What is Google TV?

The product managers at Google TV released a new video today explaining what Google TV is and what it may mean to you. On May 20, 2010, Google announced the launch of Google TV, a service which brings the Web and TV closer together. Here are some of the main features that Google TV will … Read more

Google’s Future including Real Time Search

If you’re interested in the future of Search and have got an hour and a half to spare, I highly recommend sitting down with your favorite beverage and watching this video. In this video, Google presents their most significant product releases of the year, including real time search. Marissa Mayer starts off by presenting four … Read more

Eric Schmidt Interview: Google is ‘Unlikely’ to buy Twitter

In this interview with Eric Schmidt, Charlie Rose asks the Google CEO a range of questions, from the origins of Google’s advertising model, to the monetization of YouTube, to whether the search giant would consider buying Twitter. The interviewer turned to the concept of the digital divide, and the role technology companies have played to … Read more