What is the K-Factor?

Understanding the K-Factor in Marketing: The Key to Viral Growth In today’s digital era, where word-of-mouth can spread like wildfire, understanding the mechanisms that drive this spread is crucial for marketers aiming to leverage viral growth. One such mechanism, the K-Factor, sits at the heart of viral marketing strategies, determining the success of your campaign’s … Read more

What is Google TV?

The product managers at Google TV released a new video today explaining what Google TV is and what it may mean to you. On May 20, 2010, Google announced the launch of Google TV, a service which brings the Web and TV closer together. Here are some of the main features that Google TV will … Read more

YouTube Turns Five

YouTube has reached a couple of milestones recently, including: more than 24 hours of video uploaded per minute over two billion video views per day (see the Mashable post) YouTube also turned five years old a couple of weeks ago, and here is a video which celebrates its remarkable short history and growth. Tweet