How to Become a Threads Influencer: a Starting Point

When Threads, the new social media sensation created by Instagram, launched last Wednesday, users flocked to the platform to try it for themselves. Within six days the platform has amassed more than 100M users that have been busy posting ‘threads’, engaging with posts, and following people and brands.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a post that stopped me in my tracks. I’m admittedly an early adopter and heavy user of the platform, have likely already read thousands of threads in my short tenure. I see people sharing news, advice, memes, the usual potpourri of social content. But this one stuck out as it was particularly enlightening. It read,

“I want to become an influencer on Threads.”

Initially, I thought I’d whip up a snappy, tongue-in-cheek response. After all, isn’t this how we usually answer the question of how to become a Threads influencer? It’s what years of habit have trained us to do elsewhere on social.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how timely, revealing, and authentic this desire was. After all, who among the 100 million aren’t secretly asking themselves the exact same question?

Let’s clarify, even though I am active on the platform, I am not a Threads influencer in the traditional sense. But I have insights that may be useful. Yes I was an early adopter of Twitter (16k+ followers), have used social media platforms more than most, and worked for many years overseeing social for startups, an agency, VC-growth, and a Fortune500 enterprise. But I’ve also spent years studying leadership and the psychology of influence. I find these endlessly fascinating. Not to mention of great interest in business, music, politics and beyond.

So let’s get to it.

You’re aiming to figure out how to become a Threads influencer?

Start by asking yourself:

Q. Why do I want to become a Threads influencer?

Dig deep for an honest answer. If it’s not a specific follower count, are we talking prestige? Recognition? And if it’s recognition, then what for?

You may say, like many will, “I want to influence people, to help them in some way.” That’s cool. It’s commendable. But let’s then go a step further.

Q. How can I help them? and

Q. Who am I trying to influence?

Once you’ve worked through these, you’ve essentially defined your target market, your audience, and your value to them. Now you’re faced with another crucial question:

Q. How will I know if I’ve truly helped them in this way? Have I made a difference? What are the real indicators that I should be watching for?

These questions help us zoom in on our goal, streamline work, and guide our efforts towards helping someone directly. And when done over and over again, becoming a Threads influencer. It’s a daunting task, I know. But that’s often what it takes. Rolling up our sleeves, getting down to business, and impacting lives – one person at a time.

Remember, people in your target market are interconnected. They converse, they share, they spread the word. Your one act of delivering for someone could ripple out farther than you imagine.

I get it, this might sound tedious and absurd, especially in the vast, rapid-fire ocean of social media. But this is precisely how you carve out your sphere of influence.

It’s about figuring out your why, your what, and your how of influencing others.

I genuinely believe understanding how to become a Threads influencer is a good and crucial question question to ask. It’s a great opportunity for self reflection as we navigate the bustling arena of a new app, or anywhere on social for that matter.

Let’s continue showing up, let’s keep asking the hard questions, and let’s learn to become influencers that truly make a difference.

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Andrew Spoeth has worked in tech and leadership for over 20 years, serving impactful companies such as Marketo and CA Technologies. His most recent work includes exploring the intersection of business and AI while founding The AI Navigator. As a leader in business, and previously as a conductor, he has seen patterns to what makes innovative and successful leaders. The principles and tools can be identified, learned and practiced. This applies in the boardroom, in concert halls, and in Silicon Valley. Through Spoeth Leadership, clients also work with him to refine their strategy and reach their potential as respected and capable leaders. 

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