(Everything I Do) I Do It For You

What does it mean to be totally focused on a target market? And what is Bryan Adams doing on a marketing blog anyway?

Admittedly this song brings back memories of my university days, to a time before I had even considered a career in online marketing. But let’s take a closer look at the title and message here.

Think about the market you’ve chosen. You may call it your target vertical. It may even be a niche market. Now picture the individual, or persona that will benefit from your product or service. How well aligned is your product or customer service to that person’s needs? What is your customer trying to achieve anyway?

Moving over to before the relationship begins: is your marketing message what that persona needs to hear? And why do they need to buy from you? Are you sending your message to that right person or is it missing the mark, i.e. hitting someone else? Is all your energy focused on that singularity?

A lot of successful companies do it intuitively. They win over, one person at a time. Listen to this slightly overplayed 90’s hit and send me your marketing thoughts!

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