A Picture Says a Thousand Words with Wordle

Shortly after tonight’s second presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama, I stumbled upon a word cloud graphic titled ‘Obama at Oct. 7 Debate‘ on Wordle.  As with tag or word clouds in general, the collage shows words used and their relative frequency with word size.  Wordle, a tool created by IBM Research engineer … Read more

Help, I’ve Been Tynted!

Here’s a tool which will certainly allow for much amusement. And it could also be a great way to communicate feedback on web page usability or content. Tynt is a program which allows users to add text, drawings, highlights and other fun things to web pages. These can be shared with others by email or … Read more

Google CEO Talks Green

Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke at the Corporate Eco Forum on September 8, 2008 in San Francisco, CA. He used Google Earth to visually demonstrate how one can use the program to measure and observe environmental policies at work. He went on to talk about Google’s role in using sustainable energy and provides some compelling … Read more

The Psychology of Persuasion and Buying Rugs in Turkey

I wanted to pass along an inspiring article on the psychology of persuasion which came to my inbox recently.  Mitchell Weisburgh at the PILOTed blog wrote the story after he visited Turkey.  He encountered several rug vendors, and one of them managed to successfully close the deal even though Mitchell had no intention of buying … Read more

Google Chrome Hits The Market

Google’s browser hit the market today at noon Pacific time (available at www.google.com/chrome).  According to Clicky Web Analytics, Google Chrome’s market share has already hit 2.74% within 10 hours! Watch a video from the development team on the thinking and features behind Google Chrome.

Google Launches Open Source Web Browser called Google Chrome

I first heard about it when I got a tweet from Matt Cutts around two hours ago with a link to the Official Google Blog.Google is scheduled to launch the beta version of its browser in over 100 countries tomorrow.Google was forced to confirm the story when rumors began spreading like wildfire in the blogosphere … Read more

The Last Lecture

Millions around the globe have been inspired by a final lecture delivered by Randy Pausch, a professor of computer science, human-computer interaction and design at Carnegie Mellon University. Pausch, terminally ill with pancreatic cancer, gave his earnest “last lecture” to a packed auditorium of over 400 colleagues and students in September of last year. Titled … Read more