Google Launches Open Source Web Browser called Google Chrome

I first heard about it when I got a tweet from Matt Cutts around two hours ago with a link to the Official Google Blog.Google is scheduled to launch the beta version of its browser in over 100 countries tomorrow.Google was forced to confirm the story when rumors began spreading like wildfire in the blogosphere today.As it turns out, Google’s mailroom hit “send” a bit prematurely on a comic book introducing the new open source browser.

A lot of news is coming out as this is being written. Here are a couple of things to check out:

– Scott McCloud, who created the comic for Google, has just created a mini FAQ on Google Chrome.

– Philipp Lenssen’s blog also has some Google Chrome Screenshots of the browser.

– See Facebook’s Google Chrome – Ratings and Reviews.

– And Google has posted a link to the Google Chrome comic book that broke the story.

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