Marketing Finger Finds

In my daily online travels, there will be the occasional site, blog post, or tweet which will fall out of the ordinary, which is worth “re-marking”.  Marketing Finger Finds is a way for me to share some of them with you.  Here are four of the more interesting things that have crossed my path in the last couple of days.

I start with Chris Hebert, who writes ablog about marketing and social media that matters in the B2B space.” He has recently posted brief but insightful video clips with the likes of Tom Peters and Seth Godin in a category which he calls ’90 second views’

My second find is actually an old post by Chris Brogan titled “50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business.”  Even though it is from August of this year, which seems like an eternity in my short Twitter life, his points are just as relevant today.

This week I did a bit of research for a client on b2b landing page conversion rate benchmarks.  Even though we work with a lot of B2B clients at Enquiro, I wanted to see what the rest of the industry has to say.  And although an absolutely clear answer is impossible, as conversion rates will depend on so many factors, I think marketers will find Fireclick’s Index interesting.  It has real time average conversion rate data fed from its index of sites.  You’ll also find conversion rates segmented into categories like electronics, specialty and fashion and apparel.  It’s interesting to see how conversion rates vary by day of the week, and holidays.

The fourth find of the week belongs to another analytics related site.  Quantcast is a new media measurement service that enables advertisers to view audience reports for sites.  To give you an example of what Quantcast can deliver, take a look at their audience profile for  The Twitter information includes traffic data, demographic profiles and audience lifestyles.  So as a Twitter user, I supposedly have an affinity for politics… ok, technology… check, and science & technology… check.

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