Information Overload

I love information.

It gets sent to me en masse in the form of emails, postcards, online ads and blog posts. And I search for it. It rotates above our heads like a billion blinking stars in the night sky, and it rains down like a meteor shower in August.

How can we make sense of it all? What is important, and what can I ignore?

As a child, I had a noticeable tendency to collect things: everything from shiny pebbles, to hockey cards, coins and computer magazines. Anyone remember COMPUTE!’s Gazette?

Although social bookmarking sites like have been around for years, it was only recently that I fully realized how much they could help my searching and finding endeavors. Gone are the days of only saving bookmarks in my browser’s myriad of bookmark folders. It’s great to be able to find my sites by keyword.

Lee LeFever, who has a series of online videos related to Internet Marketing, has a great intro to social bookmarking which I like to show to my marketing students. Check it out.

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