The Top 10 iPad Apps

It was just over two months ago that Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple iPad, the company’s new flagship product. As with the iPhone and iPod Touch, apps are going to be central to the iPad. Nearly all of Apple’s iPhone apps will run on the iPad, but there is also an emerging market for apps designed specifically for the iPad.

Here are the top 10 iPad apps available today, based on revenue:

  1. Things for iPad
    A task manager,  helping you keep track of to-do lists, due dates and projects.
  2. The Elements: A Visual Exploration
    The periodic table of elements, displayed intuitively and spectacularly on the iPad.
  3. OmniGraffle
    Turns the iPad into a canvas, white board or cocktail napkin.
  4. Flight Control HD
    The iPad version of the popular iPhone game which puts you in the role of a flight controller, with this version offering more space for landings and more airports.
  5. Plants vs. Zombies HD
    Based on the popular iPhone game – defend your home from a mob of zombies using plants to stop them in their tracks.
  6. N.O.V.A. – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD
    Fight for humanity`s survival in this immersive space opera, also previously available for the iPhone.
  7. At Bat 2010 for iPad
    MLB`s latest app is a live game simulation, plus allows subscribers to tune in to live MLB games.
  8. Real Racing HD
    One of the top racing games for the iPhone, now available for iPad.
  9. Civilization Revolution for iPad
    The popular strategy game redesigned for the iPad.
  10. Geometry Wars: Touch for iPad
    The successful arcade game, with enhanced graphics and additional game modes exclusive to the iPad version.

The apps in the top 10 list are all relatively high priced, with the lowest being Flight Control HD for $4.99. But there are some apps in the top 50 which are more economically priced, such as the $1.99 World Atlas HD app from the National Geographic Society.

Apple has an up-to-date view of the top grossing iPad apps here. And if you’re looking for a complete list of iPad apps available in the app store, you can find them here as well.

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