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MarketingProfs’ Digital Marketing Mixer: The Packing Checklist

As I write this post, marketers are gearing up for what promises to be one of the year’s best conferences: MarketingProfs’ Digital Marketing Mixer. The event, being held in Chicago on October 21 and 22, brings together email, search and social media in an intimate setting. Industry experts will be presenting real-life examples of what’s worked and what hasn’t from top companies including Hoovers, Intel, SAS, Lehmans and Intuit.

I thought it would be fun to list a few things we’ll want to pack in our suitcases heading to the conference. It’s a checklist of things to have, figuratively speaking. It starts here but feel free to add more in the comments below or in the Twitter conversation: @andrewspoeth #mpdm.

Digital Marketing Mixer: The Packing Checklist

1. A spin through the event’s promotional videos

2. A peak at the speaking roster

3. The Twitter hashtag #mpdm saved

4. Made note of the LinkedIn event page

5. Thinking about our own company’s Search Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media

6. A glance at the content, nearly 30 different sessions being presented


And if you’re literally looking for a glance, here it is: all of the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer sessions packed into one piece of word art:

mpwordle 5

made on Wordle.net
text taken from MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer sessions page

See you at the Mixer!

What is Google Wave (2 minute video)

Google Wave has been the talk of the town over the past few days. Techies everywhere have been clamoring to the 100,000 invites which were sent out last week. It has been a trending topic on Twitter and the first reviews are coming in. As luck would have it, I`m not one of the fortunate 100,000 who received an invite, and can`t give my own opinion on it yet. But if you`re looking for a quick, simple explanation of how Wave may change the world as we know it, check out this video from EpipheoStudios.com.

And if you`re very patient, remember that there is still the original video: Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009 which runs at just over 80 minutes.

Reviews of Google Wave to date have been mixed. Here are what some influential bloggers are saying:

It will be good for CMOs, but it won’t replace social media favorites among the masses. – Steve Rubel on Forbes.com

Google Wave crashes on beach of overhype – Robert Scoble on Scobleizer.com

…extremely stable and much faster than anticipated. For a “preview” release, Wave is very good, especially considering the complexity that is involved. – Louis Gray on louisgray.com

Social Media Revolution

A powerful video by the people at Socialnomics which throws a lot of compelling numbers at you. It’s great if you’re looking for an introduction to social media, or data to convince someone that it is indeed more than just a fad.

A Social Media Map for B2B Marketing

Want to see how Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, and ON24 relate to each other? Or have you ever wondered what role Ning, Scribd or Sonic Foundry have to play in the promotional mix?

Here is a new social media map courtesy of London-based agency, Banner. They’ve taken several dozen of the biggest marketing vehicles and charted them according to role, i.e. document sharing, social bookmarking, video sharing, microblogging, etc. To best read the map, view it in full screen mode.

The question quickly becomes: where do I start? My advice would be to circle the mediums you already work with, and then work your way along the lines into new territory. Start by searching for your brand and your main competitors within each of the stations. It should quickly become evident how relevant the vehicle is to your target audience. You will then want to pick a small handful of channels to work with, thus keeping it more focused and using each to their full potential.

Chris Anderson’s New Book: Free, The Future of a Radical Price

FREE (full book) by Chris Anderson

This is What’s Happening Now

A fun commercial which captures our Zeitgeist.